A Petzval Experiment on CineStill 800T - By Brian Ho

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Elodie / Petzval 85mm / CineStill 800T

Singapore photographer, Brian Ho, principal photographer at t​hegaleria, stands out as one of a few working professional photographers in South East Asia, known for his experimentation and creativity with film! In his most recent project, he experimented pairing Lomography's new Petzval lens in strict combination with CineStill 800T.

My Awesome Cafe / Petzval 85mm / CineStill 800T

Brian shared with us, in his own words, how "The Petzval Experiment" came to be. "Lomography Singapore initially approached me for a collaboration using the remake of an 1840 vintage lens, the Petzval 85mm. This was when I decided to pair it with a not-so-conventional film since the Petzval is in itself a very unusual lens. Naturally, the 8​00T came high on my list partly because I had prior experience with the film and it was a somewhat a non-mainstream film. This was actually how The Petzval Experiment​ came about. What started as a one-off project became an experiment that lasted over a few months."

Product shoot for H3 timepiece / Petzval 85mm / CineStill 800T 
Zesamine / Petzval 85mm / CineStill 800T 
Elodie / Petzval 85mm / CineStill 800T 
Random street cat / Petzval 85mm / CineStill 800T

Brian has since continued to shoot CineStill in his paid work and other experiments. Here is what he had to say about his experience, "The 800T is very unlike any films I have ever used before. It's very hard to describe in mere words but suffice to say, I loved it the moment I saw my first scans. A lot of my works are done under low lighting, often with warm lighting and never with flash, so the tungsten balanced 800T was a huge welcome for me. It gives out a very "creamy" texture, not overly contrasty and yet not at all flat. The delicate balance renders breath-taking images taken with the 800T under low lighting conditions. The daylight balanced 50D came much later when I was already very accustomed to the 800T. You'll need a good dose of light with this film but I found out that with wide aperture prime lenses, the 50D was much versatile than I initially thought. The grains are very tight (almost digital like) but still retains all the good things we love about film."

Robert Katty, Maldives / EOS 3, 135mm / CineStill 50D
Wai Kee & Ming Tze / EOS 3, 85mm / CineStill 50D
Munesh / EOS 3, 50mm / CineStill 800T
Jamie & Justin at Rayavadee Krabi / EOS 3, 50mm / CineStill 800T
EOS 3, 50mm / CineStill 800T

"All in all, I love both the 50D and 800T and it forms a huge part of my colour photography works."

Brian's works have won numerous awards and have been featured on several magazines and publications throughout the world. While widely known as a Wedding Photographer who shoots mainly in the film medium, Brian has dabbled with experimental projects and filmmaking, expanding his genre of image making while staying true to his roots as an analogue film photographer. To see more of Brian Ho's work, follow the links below!

Web: w​ww.thegaleria.com
Facebook: w​ww.facebook.com/thegaleria 
Instagram: @thegaleria_photo

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