A DP's Point of View - CineStill 50D & 800T by Rob Hauer

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CineStill 50Daylight

You may recognize the above image by Rob Hauer from our web site sample images of our 50Daylight emulsion. Rob was an early tester of our CineStill 50Daylight emulsion, but since then he has continued to capture beautiful images on CineStill 50D and 800T with an incredible eye for composition and light! It is really interesting to see what a director of photography does with film he has worked with for years in a cinematic context, when capturing stills!

CineStill 800Tungsten on a rainy day (no filter)
CineStill 50Daylight (pushed +1)
CineStill 50Daylight (pushed +1)
Dennis, security detail in Uganda / CineStill 50Daylight (pushed +1)
CineStill 50Daylight (pushed +1)
CineStill 800Tungsten
CineStill 800Tungsten
CineStill 50Daylight (slight grain added in post)

"As a director of photography, I have shot a lot of the Kodak motion picture stocks. It is really refreshing that CineStill made these iconic emulsions available to still photographers. When I pop a roll in, I anticipate some unique, often otherworldly results. After all, you are shooting on film designed for the big screen."

Rob Hauer

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