Something Big Is Finally Here: 400D in 4x5

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We're excited to announce the arrival of the long-anticipated CineStill 400Dynamic 4x5 color film! Thanks to the support from the analog community, the dream of introducing this emulsion in 4x5 is now a reality. This is the first-ever production run of 400D 4x5, and we plan to make it a mainstay in our film lineup. We've heard your interest in having a new color film for large format photographers and we look forward to you experiencing it!

This wouldn't have been possible without the community's support during our 400D FILM MAKER Campaign in 2022. After fulfilling all of our backers, we're now excited to make this film available to more photographers who may not have been able to get this film during the campaign. This emulsion has never before been available in 4x5 format. By making this available today, we will begin the production on future batches of 4x5 and work to get this film to local stores and online retailers all around the world. Whether capturing landscapes, portraits, or fine art, photographers can now bring the distinctive CineStill look to their large-format endeavors.

We've rolled out the red carpet for our dazzling 400D in a breathtaking 4x5 format but in limited quantities. This allows us to lay the groundwork for our future productions, ensuring that the 400D 4x5 is readily available to photographers like you! If this sells out before you are able to get a box, be sure to sign up for email notifications from the product listing here, because we plan on making even more of it soon — and we want to make enough for everyone!

We have a video coming out shortly where we shoot 400D in 4x5 in the studio and outside. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to catch the video and see more videos about new products, common questions, and lots of film.

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  • Just waiting for it in 220 one day :)

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