New Lower Prices on CineStill 120 films!

Posted by Arvin Santiago on

With summer around the corner for many of us, we are reducing the prices of our daylight-balanced 120 film by 15% to give you more creative opportunities to use these vibrant color films in more situations.

These new prices will be for CineStill 400Dynamic and 50Daylight 120 medium format films. We have implemented this price reduction, effective immediately, and we expect it to be mirrored across all our affiliated film stores, camera shops, and labs worldwide as they get new inventory. This revised pricing reflects our goal to help make our high quality films more available and accessible to the analog photography community around the world.

Meet CineStill 400D! This unique, daylight-balanced color-negative film offers a soft color palette, natural saturation, and warm skin tones. Its dynamic range is impressive, boasting an ISO 400 sensitivity, adjustable from 200 to 800, and pushable to 3200, making it a versatile choice for all lighting conditions. Time to take your creativity to a new level!


 Boost your photography with CineStill 50D, a 50-speed daylight-balanced color-negative film. Experience high-resolution, minimal-grain images in bright light. It offers an ISO rating flexibility of 12-100 without push processing. Prepare to be amazed by the astounding results!




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