Portraits and Snapshots on CineStill 800T & 50D by Marina Koslow

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CineStill 50D (left) window light, CineStill 800T (right) mixed tungsten and window light

"As a photographer who loves shooting film I am saddened to see many film stocks disappear. Its like being squeezed into a box with less and less room each year - while the film look is loved by so many wedding publications and clients alike the room to experiment and learn as an artist gets diminished with the absence of tools. When Cinestill came into the picture I was more than excited.

"The thing I love most about Cinestill is first of all the element of surprise, the feeling of novelty and experiment. It makes personal work an adventure. The colors I get from it are not like the other films I am used to shooting. Being a huge fan of Tarantino and his work I get really stoked on getting to be a small part of the cine-world, even with just stills. The 50D is probably my favorite - its flexible enough to allow for some exposure latitude and the speed is perfect for some outdoor/natural light situations that I usually shoot in.

 "My tools of choice are: Nikon F100, Sigma 35 mm & 85 mm.

"I feel that the small investment into a few rolls of new-to-me film are so worth the personal growth and excitement to take out the camera even on ordinary days." -Marina Koslow

Marina Koslow is a professional photographer from Bend, Oregon specializing in fine art wedding and family lifestyle photography. Check out more of Marina's work at: www.MarinaKoslowPhotography.com

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