JOBO Expansion Packs! Increase your Analog Processing Power!

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Greetings Jobo Lovers! Jobo Week is still happening here at and we have awesome deals on Jobo Expansion Kits we're sure you'll want to know about!

Looking to increase your film processing capacity while saving time and money? Well, look no further! The Jobo 1530 tank extender with 3 additional reels will help you do just that. The extension tube + center column means that you can process an additional 3 rolls of 35mm, 4 rolls 120, or 2 rolls 220 size film with more chemical efficiency.

For those of you who already have a Jobo tank to start, we built 3 expansion packs, all featuring the Jobo 1530 tank extender paired with a different chemistry option to upgrade your processing game at an unbeatable price!


Jobo Mono Expansion Pack: $89.95



This Expansion pack adds even more funcionality and econmony to your Jobo system. With the added space the extender module gives your tank, you're able to process 3 additional rolls of 35mm, or 4 rolls of 120. Paired with the DF96 Monobath, this combo is a massive timesaver!


  • Jobo 1530 3 roll Extender w/ Column
  • 3x Multi-Format Reels w/ Clips (1 roll of 35mm or 2 rolls of 120 each)
  • Df96 B&W Monobath 1000ml



Jobo Duo Expansion Pack: $99.95



The Jobo Duo Expansion pack is a perfect next step for those who already own a Jobo Mono kit, and want to process their own Color Negative film! With the simplicity of the Cs41 Color kit, and economical 1530 extender module, you can't go wrong!


  • Jobo 1530 3 Roll Extender w/ Column
  • 3x Multi-Format Reels With Clips (1 roll of 35mm or 2 rolls of 120 each)
  • Cs41 Color Simplified Kit


Jobo Trio Expansion Pack: $189.95

The Jobo Trio Expansion pack is for the home-developer that wants to process slide film at home, with ease! The Jobo 1530 extender module paired with the functional Jobo 1509 roller base helps you get every ounce of use from the Cs6 Creative slide developers with percision, flexability and economy, requiring only half the required chemistry!


  •  Jobo 1530 3 Roll Extender w/ Column
  • 3x Multi-Format Reels With Clips (1 roll of 35mm or 2 rolls of 120 each)
  •  Jobo 1509 Roller Base
  •  D6 DaylightChrome neutral-tone slide 1st developer
  •  D9 DynamicChrome warm-tone slide 1st developer
  •  T6 TungstenChrome cool-tone slide 1st developer
  •  Cr6 "Color&Reversal" 2-in-1 slide solution
  •  Bf6 "Bleaches&Fixer" 3-in-1 slide solution


Availability is limited! Be sure to pick up one of these Jobo Expansion Packs and check out our other deals on CineStill Films, chemistry and more before the sale is over! Click here to shop!


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