Welcome to JOBO WEEK! New Holiday sale items now active till 12/5!

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Attention all Film Friends! Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are over, but we have some more exciting Holiday sales to send your way. In this next round of sales, we are excited to announce some special CineStill Holiday sales exclusives! Welcome to Jobo Week!

CineStill has partnered with JOBO, an industry leader in film processing tools, to bring you the best kits for processing your film at home! These exclusive Jobo deals are only available on CineStillFilm.com for our customers only! Now is the best time to start your home lab with the some of the most trusted lab products on the market, and at a special reduced price! If you want to get serious about home developing, these are the kits for you!

The following deals are only available until December 5th! Act NOW while supplies last!




- JOBO MONO B&W Processing Starter Kit - $44.95

This kit is a perfect entry into the world of home-processing, at an unbeatable price. With a Jobo tank that requires less chemistry than any other processing tanks available today, and paired with a bottle of DF96 monobath single step solution - this kit makes processing your film easy, economical, and fast! If simplicity and great value are what you're looking for, you've found it.



- JOBO DUO (35mm/120) B&W + Color Processing Starter Kit - $189.95

This kit makes processing color film at home easier and more affordable than ever! Our Cs41 "Color Simplified" color chemistry, combined with the TCS-1000 Temperature Control System, makes mixing your color chemistry and maintaining proper processing temperature a breeze. With the addition of our DF96 Monobath solution, his kit has double the performance! Not only will you be able to process your color film with ease, you'll also have the ability to process your black and white film quickly and efficiently!



- JOBO TRIO Complete Film Processing Starter Kit - $379.95

Get it all! The most complete solution for at-home processing yet, all in one package! Process your own color film with our Cs41 chemistry, or your black & white negatives with the DF96 Monobath solution, as well as E6 slide film with our new Cs6 Creative Slide chemistry! This comprehensive kit combines the best of what CineStill and Jobo have to offer in home development, combining ease-of-use and economic flexibility. Whether you need to process 1 roll or 6 rolls of either 35mm or 120, you'll be able to get it done with the extendable Jobo tank system, with less required chemistry than any other tank system available!

Why wait to build your dream home-lab setup? With these tools, you'll have the ability to control every step of your creative imaging process! Again, these savings are only active for a short time, and stock is limited! You know what to do!

Click here to check out these deals for yourself!

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