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The last month has been a wild ride for our 400D campaign. With the help of all our amazing backers, we’ll be able to produce our newest film in 35mm, 120 Medium Format, and 4x5 Large Format. We are floored by your support and we can't wait to make these films available to you all (starting REAL soon!).

We have just a few hours left in our campaign and we’re over 90% of the way to hitting our last goal, 400D in 220 Medium Format. For us to reach that goal, we need to get 12,500 backers! Help us spread the word so we can work to take 220 from a dream into a reality!

We have 2 tiers for backing 400D in 220: a twin pack that contains 2 rolls of 220 and CONNIE (a 5-roll “ProPack") which has 5 rolls of 220, as well as an exclusive limited-edition JCH "400D Violet" Film Case to hold those 5 rolls.

This is the FINAL chance to pre-order 400Dynamic from us before we move into production. Help spread the word! This helps us gauge exactly how much of each format we should make right away — which help make more of it for availability around the world. We expect to begin fulfilling the first batch of non-early bird orders this summer (hopefully in July). We will continue to send out updates to backers once the campaign is over, which will include manufacturing updates, special Film Maker opportunities, and fulfillment progress, so be sure to keep an eye out for emails from us!

Our first few production rolls of 400Dynamic in 35mm arrived at the CineStill HQ last week! So our team loaded up cameras to test out these fresh rolls — and we made a video to share some of the results. Check them out on the CineStill YouTube channel.

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