Two More Weeks for CineStill 50D in Medium and Large Format

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Thanks to you, our IndieGoGo campaign for medium and large format is now over 130% funded and we have unlocked our 4x5 sheet film stretch goal! In the few weeks since our campaign began, we have heard so much encouragement and support from analog photographers from around the world. It is undeniable that CineStill 800T in 120 and 4x5 have the demand necessary to justify full large scale production and distribution and we believe this is only the tip of the iceberg.

On Friday we officially extended the campaign another 14 days beyond our original deadline, giving us the time we need to reach our third stretch goal and jump start production of CineStill 50D in medium and large formats. IndieGoGo contacted us directly and offered to extend the project another two weeks with no penalties, to give us the opportunity to reach all of our stretch goals, including CineStill 50D in 120 and 4x5!

CineStill 50D 120 beta test Photo by Nicole Hill
CineStill 50D is a truly unique film with ultra fine grain, resolution and a color pallet that stands alone. This film screams medium and large format! But to take on a second emulsion for medium and large format, large scale production will come at significant cost. Our next stretch goal for CineStill 50D in 120 and 4x5 formats requires only $30k more in funding but in order to accomplish this we needed a little more time to spread the word to every analog photographer out there and create opportunity for new supporters.

Based on the past few days of support, we should only need a fraction of this extension time to reach 50D and we may even get to unveil our mysterious 4th stretch goal!

Thank you once again, and please continue to spread the word and support the effort to bring more unique film choices for the analog renaissance!

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