Introducing: Negative Supply - Camera Scanning System for Digitizing Film at Home

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It's no secret we love the do-it-yourself approach to analog photography. In a way, it's how CineStill was born in the first place! That core mindset motivated our exploration into the simplification of the at-home processing experience, through products such as our Cs41 Color simplified kits, our TCS-1000 Immersion circulator, and our Df96 Black and White Monobath solution.

In recent years other analog companies have surfaced with the similar goals, Ars-Imago with their LAB-BOX film processing tank for instance, proving that even after more than a hundred years, there is always still room to grow in the analog industry.

As film shooting and home-development continue to establish themselves in the mainstream of creative expression, there still yet remains a few hurdles to overcome for the intrepid "do-it-yourselfer" - primarily, what to do with the negatives once you've processed them at home.

Enter Negative Supply. With their precise approach to design and engineering, they seek to transform the camera-scanning method (from one that feels less like a jury-rigged amalgamation of items home-scanners were forced to assemble in the past) into a clean and concise experience for the end user. After having a chance to test the system ourselves, we knew it would be a great fit alongside our other analog offerings. Order the full range of Negative Supply products today!


Film Carrier MK1

Precision design utilizes smooth running bearings to provide smooth and even pressure, while silicone tensioners hold the guide wheels securely in place without damaging delicate film stocks. 
  • Machined aluminum Enclosure.
  • Anodized hard coat finish
  • Precision nylon bearings.
  • Smooth Silicone tensioners.
  • Custom Film Rollers. 

Light Source

Introducing The Negative Supply Light Source Basic & Light Source Pro, made specifically for camera scanning. Good scans start with good light. With a high CRI, and brighter bulbs, the Negative Supply Light Source makes scanning film with a digital camera easy and straight forward.


  • 95-99 CRI for high color accuracy
  • 5.5x7.5 - 9.5x11.5 inch light area suitable for up to 8x10 film
  • Up to 9.5x brighter than many competitor options at similar price
  • 2 unique designs in 3 sizes
  • Compact design to slide under Pro Mount MK2 

Pro Riser MK2

A Copy Stand, Designed Specifically For Camera Scanning. Introducing the Pro Riser MK1. With a precision lead screw for height adjustment and all metal construction, the Pro Riser MK1 provides a stable platform for your camera during film digitization.

  • Machined aluminum riser head
  • Composite Fiber Brackets
  • Durable and Expandable Framing
  • Precision Steel height Adjustment Screw

    120 Film Carrier

    The Film Carrier 120 combines the build quality and efficiency of our 35mm product (Film Carrier MK1), with the flexibility to support the varying aspect ratios available in 120 and 220 film. From 6x4.5 to 6x9 film, the Film Carrier 120 can handle it all with ease AND provides full frame scans with a thin black border.

    • Scan uncut or cut rolls of 120 film
    • Scan full rolls in as little as 2 minutes or less
    • Achieve incredibly sharp scans with unique magnetic hinged mask design
    • Remove dust during scanning with included dust removal brush
    • Full frame scanning showing full image area and thin black border around scan

      4x5 Sheet Film Holder

      Use The Pro Mount MK2 to quickly digitize 4x5 film with full borders using a micro-etched ultralight matte acrylic surface. The surface prevents newton rings while transmitting light efficiently. This 4x5 film holder can also be used to capture short strips of 35mm or 120 film, but we recommend the Film Carrier MK1 for 35mm strips of 4 frames or more or full rolls of 35mm film.

      • Micro-etched matte surface
      • Anti-newton ring acrylic
      • Ultralight construction



      Mounted Slide Holder

      Easily and quickly capture mounted slides using the Pro Mount MK2 as a sturdy base.

      Each slide passes through guide rails, pushing the previously scanned/captured slide out of the frame when a new slide is loaded.





      All Negative Supply products mentioned above are now available for order.

      Click here to order yours today.


      “After having scanned all our film for over a decade using a professional Fuji Frontier minilab scanner (essentially a Camera Scanner), Epson v750 flatbed and various others, camera scanning is finally emerging as a premium workflow solution for scanning your own work in all formats. The Negative Supply products solve many of the initial struggles of camera scanning. It is now fast and reliable with potentially higher resolution in a much smaller package and simply more efficient in nearly every way.” - Brandon Wright

      We hope you feel as excited and optimistic about the future of our beloved analog community as we do. We can't wait for you to experience the creative freedom that comes with scanning your own negatives!

      For an in-depth look at the Negative Supply system in-action; be sure to tune in to our #CineStillDevDays Instagram Live session on Saturday April 25th, 2pm PST. Be sure to follow @CineStillFilm on Instagram, and stay tuned for more info!

      Until then, the entire CineStill team wishes you and yours health, and safety.

      Yours in Analog,

      CineStill Film

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