New D96 and F96 Powder 2-Bath Chemistry!

Posted by Brian Wright on

We are proud to introduce two brand new additions to the CineStill Chemistry Catalog: "D96” Powder B&W Motion Picture Developer, and "F96” the world’s only Powder Rapid Fixer for B&W + Bleach-Bypass Color Film!

The "D96" developing formula is trusted by cinematographers and motion picture labs due its dynamic S-curve contrast and forgiving highlight control. Now, for the first time, available in accessible powder format! Our formula develops 16 rolls or 100ft of 16/35mm film. Just add water! Makes 1 liter of reusable stock solution or 2 liters of 1+1 single-use dilution.

The "F96" Rapid fixer is a reusable solution that fixes 24+ rolls of B&W or color film and can be diluted to make 1-2 liters of working solution. This is the only Rapid fixer available in an easy to store, and easy to ship, powder form.

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