Introducing: Cs6 “Creative Slide” 3-Bath process for color-timing E-6 reversal film at home!

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Slide film is ageless. For years, photographers have loaded it into their cameras and have created memories that they can view, positive images on strips of film, that could be mounted and projected in all its glory. Then, it all but vanished. Until Kodak brought back the enchanting E100 yet again, reigniting the passion for positive.

We are proud to introduce our new Cs6 “Creative Slide” 3-Bath Process for color-timing E-6 reversal film, creating three new distinct slide film results - the true wonder of slide film unlocked. This process illuminates unique color profiles never before seen on slide film, effectively turning the tried and true standard into 3 totally different films.

You already have E100. But what about E100T? With TungstenChrome, you have the ability to tap into the cinematic rich tones of tungsten-balanced photography, now brought to life in Positive. Processing with DaylightChrome yields the conventional standard you’d expect to see from the legendary positive film. And finally, processing with DynamicChrome, unlocks peerless detail, warmth, and dynamic range.

Hollywood, California – May 17, 2020 – Chrome unlocked!

Want to shoot slide film? Want it to be quick and easy to process? Want to still have creative control over how your images look? Introducing the CineStill Cs6 “Creative Slide” 3-Bath Process for simple creative control of your E-6 film.

The reversal process is the purest of analog processes and it’s now more creative and accessible than ever! The colors of slide film are unrivaled and now you can color-time and control dynamic range with alternative 1st developers. For the first time ever, you can change the color profile of your slides. With limited slide film options available today, CineStill is tripling the choices available for slide film, and demystifying slide processing with only 3 baths to appreciate a beautiful photograph. Your slides should be superior to color-corrected negative scans, without sacrificing creative control. 

For the past several years CineStill has been developing ways to bridge the gap between mail-order photo labs and instant photography. Whether it be a Monobath for B&W film, a simplified 2-Bath process for color negatives, a Temperature Control System for mixing and heating chemicals, or various partnerships to make daylight processing accessible... There’s no longer a need for a darkroom, professional lab or high-tech equipment to create analog photographs. You can now create beautiful color transparencies at home through one simple process. 

With the Cs6 “Creative Slide” 3-Bath Process comes 5 new products

1. D6 “DaylightChrome” Neutral-tone 5500K 1st Developer
Renders approximately 6+ stops of usable dynamic-range* with bright whites and moderately enhanced color saturation, just like conventional E-6 processing. Daylight-balanced for conventional slides in daylight or with electronic flash. Single-use 1+1 dilution develops up to 16 rolls or 100ft of slide Film.

Kodak E100 DaylightChrome


2. D9 “DynamicChrome” Warm-tone 1st Developer
Renders approximately 9+ stops of usable dynamic-range*, while maintaining vibrant color-contrast and rich warm tones with preserved highlight and shadow detail (optimized for scanning) for a more cinematic look. Extended exposure latitude increases the usable dynamic-range* of slide film from 6 to 9+ stops! Conventional E-6 processing renders approximately 6 stops of usable dynamic-range*. Perfect for high contrast lighting or backlit subjects in daylight, shade or with electronic flash. Single-use 1+1 dilution develops up to 16 rolls or 100ft of slide Film.

Kodak E100 4x5 DynamicChrome by Bill Manning


3. T6 “TungstenChrome” Cool-tone 3200K 1st Developer
Renders approximately 6+ stops of usable dynamic-range* with cleaner whites, and moderately enhanced color saturation. Shoot in artificial light without sacrificing 2 stops of exposure to color filtering! Kodak's published technical data sheet recommends exposing E100 at EI 25 with an 80A Filter in Tungsten (3200 K) light. Now you can expose at box speed in low-light or even push to EI 200 or 400, and color-time your slides in processing. With conventional E-6 processing this would require color filtration and a 2-4 stop exposure compensation. Single-use 1+1 dilution develops up to 16 rolls or 100ft of Ektachrome®.

Kodak E100TungstenChrome pushed +1 stop in low tungsten light


4. Cr6 “Color&Reversal” 2-in-1 Slide Solution
Combines the reversal step with color development. 6min minimum process time for completion with flexible temperature range of 80-104°f (27-40°C)**. Reusable solution reverses 16+ rolls of developed slide film. 

5. Bf6 "Bleaches&Fixer" 3-in-1 Slide Solution
Combines the bleach and conditioner steps with the fixing step. 6min minimum process time for completion with flexible temperature range of 75 -104°f (23-40°C)**. Reusable solution clears 24+ rolls of reversal Film.

* ”Usable dynamic-range” is the amount of full stops of exposure value that renders acceptable detail and color. “Total dynamic-range” however, is the maximum range containing tonal separation rendering any detail, and is often twice the usable-dynamic range. The usable dynamic-range of conventional slide film is between 6-8 stops (total 14-16 stops). Color negative is between 9-13 stops (total 16-21 stops). Digital sensors are mostly between 7-10 stops (total 12-15 stops).

** Maintaining temperature is not essential beyond pouring in a 1st developer. When a temperature control bath is not available, simply preheat the 1st Developer +2ºF warmer, and the other baths will automatically process-to-completion as they cool down. Only the 1st developer is time and temperature critical because it controls contrast and color.

Cs6 "Creative Slide" 3-Bath Kits for Reversal and E-6 Film

CineStill Cs6 3-Bath Kits will be available from $39. The 1000ml/Quart Kits can process 16+ Rolls or 100ft of Slide Film and the 3-2-1 Chemical Reuse Kits processes 32+ Rolls of film.

Included In Cs6 3-Bath Kits:
  • D9 “DynamicChrome”D6 “DaylightChrome”, or T6 “TungstenChrome” 1st Developer
  • Cr6 “Color&Reversal” 2-in-1 Slide Solution
  • Bf6 “Bleaches&Fixer” 3-in-1 Slide Solution

Photographers' Experiences

“The choice of three different developers opens up creative possibilities and fine tuning for photographers shooting in vastly different lighting situations. Decreasing the processing chemicals from the traditional six to three streamlines the process significantly.” - Stephen Schaub,

Photos by Stephen Schaub on Kodak E100 processed with CineStill Cs6 3-Bath Kits (Last image with TungstenChrome pushed +3 to ISO 800... E800T?)

"The Cs6 kit is awesome. I've never developed my own E6 film before but after my first try I was surprised at how easy it is. The first time looking at the finished piece of film in the light was like the first time I'd ever developed my own film years ago, a feeling I'll never forget." - Sandy Phimester,

Photos by Sandy Phimester on Kodak E100 processed with CineStill Cs6 3-Bath Kits

"One of the biggest pains in shooting slide film is the limited dynamic range. After developing with the D9 “DynamicChrome” 1st developer, I was amazed that I had to bracket my camera scan to take advantage of the full dynamic range of the image. Getting nearly the same dynamic range as color negative is mind-blowing!" -Bill Manning,

Photos by Bill Manning on Kodak E100 processed with CineStill Cs6 3-Bath Kits

The CineStill Cs6 3-Bath Kits and separate components are available for purchase now at, and throughout the U.S. and E.U. markets later this summer.

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  • Aivaras, we tested the chemistry with all slide films currently manufactured and they all respond similarly. We are just bias towards Kodak and the new Ektachrome, for obvious reasons. 😉

    Brian on
  • Hi dear friend
    Well. I m sure this is a great news for fine art photography and photographer too. Given a better choice to control the images created by the photographer.

    Billy Mork on
  • Hi there! Awesome product!
    Was it tested / how it works with other slide films? Velvia? Provia 100F?

    Aivaras on
  • what a great surprise!!!!

    Jared on
  • After 40+ years in the business I didn’t think there would be many surprises left. This is a big one!

    Keith Trumbo on

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