Covid Update - CineStill Film Shelf-Life & Expiration Notice

Posted by Brandon Wright on

“The past year has had many unique challenges for all of us, and CineStill has been no exception. We have worked hard to continue to fill demand and secure stable availability of all of our products. This has required some flexibility and changes in supply chains to achieve, and though we have not avoided delays completely, we are very happy to say that CineStill shortages have been far fewer than even in years prior to the pandemic.

“Due to covid related supply chain interruptions, some fresh films entering the market will have over one year expiration dates and some will be under one year until expiration. In order to maintain constant supply availability, we needed to be flexible and remind photographers that CineStill film should be sold and used promptly for best results under any circumstance. CineStill films are still considered “fresh” 6 months prior to the printed expiration date. 

“All CineStill films are tested for longevity and the expiration dates are set for best performance for each batch number. We recommend that photographers shoot within our film within 6 months of purchase and process promptly! Any film that has at least 6 months left before expiration when purchased is not short dated, and any film purchased retail more than 6 months before the expiration date should still be processed within 6 months fo optimal results.

“Thank you all for continuing to support film through these trying times and for understanding when stock is limited. We look forward to continuing to support the worldwide film community and growing with you all."

-CineStill Film

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