#CinestillDevDays Part 10 - 1pm PDT, Saturday November 21st on Instagram Live!

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We're back folks! #CinesStillDevDays is here again! Going live on Instagram at 1 pm PST, Saturday November 21st!

On this feature-packed installment, we're going to guide you through the entire film processing adventure! From processing to proofing, all the way to archiving. We'll show off our new Cs6 chemistry in-action, paired with a preview of our powerful new Jobo E6 starter kit! Coming soon to our online store! We'll also be highlighting our new CineStill Film Conversion filters on Instagram, that help you bring your freshly processed negatives to life. Use them to preview your film photos before printing, or share images with friends on your Instagram stories! Filters are live right now on Instagram! Click here to check the out! (Best viewed on a smartphone).

If you're a fan of slide film, enjoy processing your own film, or are totally new to home-processing, you won't want to miss this!

What is Cs6 you ask? It's our newest addition to our at-home processing line up for processing your slide film from the safety of your own home! It's specially designed to feature 3 different first developers that offer 3 unique color profiles to your slide film, giving you 3x the creative options!

To try our new Instagram filters: head over to our profile, press the "effects" tab, select the filter you want to use, and start previewing your negatives! Simple as that! Click here to view a highlight of our Instagram filters! (Best viewed on a smartphone).

Do you have questions about how to get the best results with your chemistry? Or how to get the most out of your negative scans? Or anything in between? Be sure to bring all of your questions for us to answer in our live Q&A! And of course, there will be a giveaway! One lucky viewer will be walking away with… well, you’ll have to wait and see!

So be sure to follow us on Instagram (@CineStillFilm), try out our film conversion filters, and get ready for #CineStillDevDays live on Instagram; Saturday November 21st 1 pm PST!

Stay safe, shoot film, and see you on the Livestream!

CineStill Film.

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