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Analog Academy is returning for a fall session, beginning Saturday, October 1st! This past spring, CineStill and the George Eastman Museum partnered to bring analog enthusiasts a series of four online classes designed to teach the fundamentals of film photography and processing. After a successful first session together, we decided to bring it back again this fall — but this time on Saturdays! This special online workshop is hosted by Andre Domingues, CineStill's Customer Solutions Manager, and Nick Brandreth, who is the Eastman Museum's Historic Process Specialist. Together they will share their unique perspectives and combined expertise to help guide you through your journey with analog photography!

Analog Academy is the perfect workshop for beginners ready to try out roll film and amateurs who want to hone their craft. During the month-long workshop, attendees will learn how to set up their own at-home lab, how to process black-and-white and color film, tips and tricks to make the process simpler, and how to care for your film throughout the process. There's still some spots remaining for this fall session, so be sure to sign up before October 1!

Fall Session Schedule
Wednesday, September 14, 9AM PST/12PM EST — FREE PREVIEW
Saturday, October 1, 9AM PST/12PM EST
Saturday, October 8, 9AM PST/12PM EST
Saturday, October 15, 9AM PST/12PM EST
Saturday, October 22, 9AM PST/12PM EST


Thinking about getting into film photography, but don't know where to start? Join us this Wednesday, September 14 for a 1-hour free preview class of Analog Academy. Open to all, this free online preview class will show you the fundamentals of film photography. During this class, you'll hear a brief history of film, and learn the basics of shooting, metering, and exposing your film. You'll also be given a few helpful tips and tricks that can help you throughout your photographic journey. If you want to learn more from Nick and Andre, then we welcome you to register for the full Analog Academy Fall Session.



Ready to dive into the world of analog photography? We created Analog Academy for you! No experience is required, we just ask that you bring your sense of wonderment and your excitement to learn something new. These classes are designed to not only teach you the basics of shooting and processing film but to give you the confidence to continue your experience with film.

Alongside the 4 online sessions, participants in Analog Academy will also receive expert advice from CineStill and the Eastman Museum, recordings of the workshop, resources that include instructions and tips, and you get to connect with fellow film photographers!

This is an interactive class that has been curated and developed by analog professionals with years of knowledge and experience. We hope you can join us this October!

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