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Our 400D 35mm EARLY BIRD tiers have been shipping out over the last few weeks, which means that some of you have already received your new 400D film! If you ordered an EARLY BIRD 400D 35mm tier and have no other items on your order (including 400D 120) and have not received it yet, you should be receiving it any day now! We have almost 5000 EARLY BIRD orders of 35mm and 120 to fulfill and ship, so we haven't forgotten about you. Look out for a shipping notification in your email inbox soon! [PLEASE NOTE: any early bird order paired with additional items that have not arrived yet / are out of stock will not ship until all the items in the order are in stock].

As for our 400D 120 Medium Format film, we know that many of you have been patiently waiting for it. We've been waiting for it as well. We had initially expected it to arrive with our 35mm, but due to unexpected shipping delays out of our control due to COVID-19, our 400D 120 took longer than expected to go from the factory to the warehouse. Well, the day that we've been waiting for has finally arrived! We just received the first batch of 120 and expect more to arrive soon. This means that orders of 400D 120 EARLY BIRD tiers should begin shipping out next week! There's a lot to fulfill, so if your 120 EARLY BIRD "ProPack" tiers don't ship next week, expect them to begin shipping in the weeks following that.

We've already seen some amazing photos taken with 400D, and we know that there are more beautiful photos out there just waiting to be captured. I hope you’re excited, because we certainly are! The analog community is truly an imaginative and creative group of people, and we can't wait to see how the latest addition to our CineStill family helps in your artistic vision.

400Dynamic was created to be a do-it-all, everyday film. That means, whether you shoot portraits, street, social events, weddings, landscapes, or you just want to encapsulate those fleeting moments, 400D wants to be there to help catch hose photographs.

Before you load up your camera, can we ask you for one quick favor? Take a picture or video of your 400D film, post it on social media using #CineStill400D, tag us @cinestillfilm, and let us know where you’re from! As the analog community continues to grow, we want to show the global impact that film has! We’re all doing our part to keep film and the analog experience alive, so that we can pass it down to the next generation, just like our parents & grandparents did.

Once you take the photographs and get them scanned, share them with us using the hashtag #CineStill400D on social media. You can also follow and tag us at @cinestillfilm!

If you backed one of other campaign tiers for 35mm, 120, 4x5, and 220 — which is every backer level other than the 3 EARLY BIRD levels — we have some updates for you. We have started the production of our second batch of 400D film — and we're making a lot of it over the next few months. This means that all non-EARLY BIRD tiers for 35mm and 120 Medium Format will be in production this summer, and we hope to see them start fulfilling in late summer. We'll have more updates as we receive updates from the factory. For those that backed one of our 400D 4x5 tiers, those will begin production this fall with the plan to fulfill them ASAP after that, which could be early winter. We hope to have them sooner but the 4x5 process is something we haven't done on a regular basis, so we want to make sure we do it right! We're still looking into 220, but expect updates on this to be later this year, either in the late summer / fall, once we've had a chance to get 4x5 production rolling.

If you backed one of our CineStill Film Maker tiers, and haven't logged in or created your account just yet. We've outlined the directions down below.

To access your CineStill Film Maker benefits, you'll need to first create an account on our Film Maker page. When signing up, please use the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS you used when you backed a Film Maker Tier (any individual tier $30 or higher included access to exclusive Film Maker benefits). If you already have a CineStill account and used it to back our 400D campaign, you will not need to create another account. Your discount will automatically be added when you are logged in. You'll need to always be logged in to your Film Maker account in order to receive the benefits. Also, be on the lookout for special Film Maker emails from us in the near future.

If you have any questions, be sure to visit our FAQ or email our team at support@cinestillfilm.com

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