JOBO MONO (35MM) B&W PROCESSING STARTER KIT - Jobo 1510 Tank, Film Reel, Df96, BwXX & more...

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This kit is the easiest and most economical starter kit you will find for getting into traditional film photography for the first time, and at an unbeatable price! It's sure to get you hooked!

For the first time ever, CineStill has partnered with the world’s foremost brand in the “at home” developing scene: JOBO. Together we have worked with JOBO to create some exclusive deals for our customers only. Now is the time to start your home lab with the some of the best products on the market, and at a reduced price! If you are wanting to get serious about home developing, this is the kit for you! While Supplies Last.


- JOBO 1510 daylight developing tank with reel
- Df96 Monobath: Liquid (ready-to-use 530ml for 8+ rolls) or Powder (to make 1000ml for 16+ rolls)
- 1 roll of 35mm CineStill BwXX black and white film
- Funnel with Stainless Steel Filter (Liquid Kit) or Wide-Mouth Bottle (Powder Kit)

JOBO 1510 Daylight Developing Tank with Reel 

The JOBO 1510 daylight developing tank holds one 1501 multi-format reel for 35mm film. The 1501 reel is the easiest reel to load available and when used in the 1510 tank, uses less chemistry volume than any tank available, requiring only 4 oz. of chemistry when using constant agitation rotation method by laying the tank on its side and rolling it back and forth or 8 oz. of chemistry for intermittent agition via full inversions.




Df96 "Developer&Fix" B&W Monobath, Single-Step Solution (liquid or powder)


This versatile, single-step “Developer&Fix” monobath solution is perfect for processing any black & white film in minutes, with no need for stop bath, fixer, or any other chemicals. 530ml of ready-to-use chemistry will develop 8+ rolls of film. Powder concentrate makes 1000ml of reusable chemistry for processing 16+ rolls of film.




1 Roll of BwXX 35mm Black & White Film 


CineStill BwXX is a variable speed, classic black & white film emulsion, with an EI of 250 under daylight and 200 under tungsten lighting. 36 exposures professionally spooled into a high quality 35mm cassette. 





Funnel with Stainless Steel Filter (liquid kit)


Durable plastic funnel with a built-in stainless steel mesh to filter out particulates from film developing chemicals.




Wide-Mouth Bottle (powder kit)


Plastic wide-mouth bottle made for storing your lab-chemicals. Because of the large opening, it is easy to fill.







Download Df96 18oz. PDF Instructions

Download Df96 1000ml. PDF Instructions

Processing 16+ Different B&W Films With Just One Chemical! Df96

No Compromises - Df96 compared with popular traditional developers

Download Df96 Liquid Safety Data Sheet

Photochemical Waste Management


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Df96 “Developer&Fix” B&W Monobath, Single-Step Solution

Df96 “Developer&Fix” B&W Monobath, Single-Step Solution

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