TRI-X Reversal Film 7266, 50 ft Super8 Cartridge

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KODAK TRI-X Black & White Reversal Film 7266 is a high-speed, panchromatic black-and-white film offering fine grain and sharpness suitable for general interior photography with artificial light. And because our films don’t require processing in a bleach containing heavy metals, they’re easier on the environment.

  • Gray acetate safety base with an additional anti-halation undercoat
  • Black-and-white reversal film
  • Suitable for general interior photography with artificial light but can also be used in daylight
  • Handle unprocessed film in total darkness
  • Store unexposed film at 13°C (55°F) or lower 
  • No exposure adjustments are required for exposure times from 1/1,000 of a second to 1 second
  • Excellent tonal gradation and sharpness  

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