FREEDOM EQUALITY JUSTICE - Print Fundraiser Gallery

Benefitting Equal Justice Initiative, NAACP, and Save The Children.

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who generously participated! With your help we were able to raise a total of $4,806 through print sales and added donations. 100% of funds were equally distributed between EJI, NAACP, and Save the Children. Without your support, and the generous contribution from the artists, this wouldn’t have been possible.

How to give:
Simply add a print to your cart. 100% of the $100 for the print will be equally split among the 3 charities. At checkout you’ll see a “Donation Jar” function added, this will allow for additional donations if you desire. This “Donation Jar” function will also be available on the entire CineStill Store for the duration of the print sale, meaning that even those who do not wish to purchase a print, can still get involved and make a donation. Prints are limited to editions of 10, once they sell out, they are gone.

$100 a print = $100 to charity:
There are no hidden fees or overhead costs. CineStill Film will be taking care of all printing and ancillary costs. Once you add your print to your cart and head to checkout, you will see the $100 Print Price, the flat rate shipping, and tax (unfortunately we aren’t a non-profit and do not qualify for any tax free exemptions). That’s it. 

Thank you: 
We’d like to thank Gia Canali Art Advisory for donating their services and helping curate the fundraiser gallery. We’d also like to extend a massive “thank you” to all the artists who are donating pieces of their work to help raise funds for this effort, especially during these turbulent times. We could not have done this without you! And finally, thank you to everyone who has purchased a print and contributed to the Freedom, Equality, and Justice Fundraiser.

All the best, and stay safe,
-The CineStill Film Team 

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