CS-LITE Camera Scanning Light Source with VALOI 360 Film Holder Bundles
95+ CRI Light with Film Holders For Digital Camera Scanning

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  • High quality LED light source and film holders for digital camera scanning of photographic film
  • CRI of 95+, brightness of EV 15+ for high quality scans
  • Adjustable to 3 different color temperatures to properly suit different types of film (color negative, B+W, slide)
  • Film holders feature double S-curved track for very flat negatives

Product Details

Pair one of the most affordable film holder systems with one of the best lights for digital camera scanning!

Film scanning is brighter than ever with the CS-LITE Camera Scanning Light Source. Combine that with the VALOI 360 camera scanning system and you are well on your way to an affordable, easy-to-use digital camera scanning setup. 

The CS-LITE Camera Scanning Light Source is a compact camera scanning light source. It was designed to provide film photographers higher-quality light with improved color management, in order to facilitate the process of scanning their favorite 35mm and medium format films with a digital camera.

The CS-LITE features a CRI of 95+ for high color accuracy and a brightness of EV 15+ to provide sufficient illumination for even the densest of negatives. What sets the CS-LITE apart from other light sources on the market is its ability to adjust color temperatures to properly suit different types of film, such as color negative, color positive, and black and white. These are controlled directly from the built-in remote control of the CS-LITE.

CS-LITE Color Temperature: Calibrated for:
Cool Light mode Color Negative film
White Light mode Black and White film, Slide film processed in CineStill D9 DynamicChrome
Warm Light mode Slide film processed in standard E6 chemistry or CineStill D6 DaylightChrome


The Cool Light mode reduces the orange mask that is present in color negative film like CineStill 800T, 400D, and 50D, providing color balanced scans with better color separation and less noise.

The White Light mode is ideal for scanning black and white film, as well as slide film that has been processed with the warm-tone dilution of the CineStill D9 DynamicChrome 1st Developer.

Lastly, the Warm Light mode is perfect for scanning standard E6 (or CineStill D6 DaylightChrome) processed slide film, as the tungsten-balanced light can produce richer tones and enhanced color separation, especially within the red channel.

For a limited time, CS-LITE will be shipping with two specifically designed accessories, the CS-LITE Mask and the CS-LITE Brite. 

The CS-LITE Mask is our universal carrier mask that you can pair with pre-existing film carriers, like those made by Negative Supply, VALOI, Lomography and more. This versatile solution is especially useful when paired with the VALOI carriers, which fit perfectly into the mask. This allows for a compact stabilized solution for holding your film in place when digitizing. The mask around the edges of the carrier helps to eliminate spill light, reducing unwanted reflections and maintaining uniformity across the entirety of your scans.

The CS-LITE Brite is a light collimating sheet that increases the directional light output, further reduces the spill light, and enhances diffusion uniformity. This will make your scans even more dynamic, sharper, with greater contrast and more light output. A single CS-LITE Brite sheet placed directly on this light source is enough to increase its brightness of the CS-Lite by 60%.

The VALOI Film Holders are the perfect entry-point for trying out camera scanning and can be used on their own or with the VALOI Advancer (sold separately). The double S-curved and precision-engineered track keeps the film flat, and the matte surface and built-in internal angles keep reflections off your scan. The design makes it quick and easy to scan film by allowing you to push film through the holder instead of a traditional clam-shell design that requires constant opening and closing.


1x CS-LITE Light Source 

1x CS-LITE Brite Light Collimating Sheet 

1x CS-LITE Mask Universal Carrier Mask 

Your choice of 1x VALOI 360 35mm Film Holder OR 1x each of the VALOI 360 35mm and 120 Film Holders


External Unit Dimensions:
Length: 6.5 in
Width: 4.4 in
Height: 0.8 in
Illuminated Area Dimensions:
Length: 3 3/4 in 
Width: 5 7/8 in


Download CS-LITE Complete PDF Instructions

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