Atomal 49 Powder B&W Developer, 1000ml
for B&W negative film

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  • Universal ultra-fine grain B&W film developer
  • Powdered concentrate mixes with water to make 1 Liter of stock solution
  • Can also be diluted 1:1 for a one-shot solution
  • Very well suited to push-processing

Product Details

ADOX was founded in 1860 as the world's first photochemical factory. Over the next several decades, it became one of the leading film producers in Europe. Today, ADOX films, papers, and chemistry are proudly manufactured in Germany by an incredibly passionate team of film photography enthusiasts. 

ADOX Atomal 49 is an extra-fine grain, compensating developer for B&W film which offers both excellent use of film speed and high contrast control. The powder concentrate mixes with water make 1 liter of stock solution. The stock solution can be reused for up to 10 rolls of film or further diluted for use as a single-shot developer. Stock solution can be kept in a fully filled container for up to 6 weeks.

This chemical is classified as "Limited Quantity Hazardous" (ORM-D) and can only be shipped via Ground within the Continental United States due to DOT regulations. Within the Continental US, it cannot be shipped to PO boxes.

ADOX Atomal 49 MSDS Sheet

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