Who is SilverRush?

Silver Rush is all about you! It's a party for photographers who love photography almost as much as they love to party! A real party for photographers, conceived and created by photographers, where you can forget about business and get down with your bad, bad selves! 

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The people making it all possible:


CineStill Film provides photographers with the unique and revolutionary option of shooting motion picture film in their classic 35mm film cameras! The same wonderful films used in production of Hollywood's top feature films and television shows, once only available to cinematographers, is now being made available for still photographers! These films are created using state of the art technology to produce imagery unparalleled by even the best digital technology today. 

Their flagship film, "CineStill 800Tungsten Xpro C-41", is a cutting edge technology motion picture film that they have converted and packaged for normal still photography and processing at any lab in standard color negative chemistry producing excellent results in tungsten light that would otherwise require the use of light limiting filters or digital capture to get accurate color and exposure.

Shoot the beloved film used by Martin Scorsese, Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino, J.J. Abrams, Christopher Nolan and all the Hollywood best of the best!

Indie Film Lab
 is a simple lab dedicated to photographers that still love and believe in film capture.

Film is beautiful. Film is exciting. Remember Christmas morning when you were a kid? Yup, that’s the feeling you have when you finally see your photographs.

Film has soul. Film is a lifestyle.

The revival of film is strong and we understand that finding a lab that processes your film the way you want can be challenging. We want to help you by being the lab that can deliver the scans you’re looking for, and that can deliver them consistently over time. We want to be your lab!

We have a  skilled crew and we use the Holy Grail of scanners, the SP-3000 Fuji Frontier and the Noritsu HS-1800, so drop us a roll in the mail and let’s start working on getting the look you want!

- The Indie Crew




Richard Photo Lab is a quality-obsessed company, more interested in doing things the right way than chasing high volume or fat margins. We take a great degree of care with our image processing, scanning and handling; sweating the details of each and every frame in accordance with client preferences to ensure maximum satisfaction. We take pride in operating in a personable, relational way, treating our clients as the individuals they are.


Sell More Prints. Better Tools, fewer restrictions! With Instaproofs you can reach more people, accept more orders, sell more prints, and offer better service to your customers. We’re not a lab. We don’t lock you into printing vendors, and we don’t charge setup, monthly, or per-event fees.


Kodak Alaris continues in offering consumers and professionals an award-winning range of still-camera film products and the broadest portfolio of traditional photographic paper and workflow solutions. This new company is partnered with Eastman Kodak Company in preserving the heritage and legacy of ongoing innovation in high-quality imaging products and services while embodying greater speed and agility to meet market needs and changes.

Kodak Alaris is also committed to photographers in supplying world's most comprehensive film portfolio and developing ways to aid photographers in creating the images they love. With more than 125 years of innovation, no other company has done more for photography than kodak.



FUJIFILM INSTAX™ Instant Film is an instant color film that produces high quality prints for all occasions - family, friends, parties, and celebrations.

"FUJIFILM X" combines traditional styling with cutting edge innovative technology. The line-up will further expand in line with Fujifilm's aim that the X series should "make you fall in love with photography all over again".



We are the PLANNERS.. We are the DESIGNERS... We are the PRODUCERS... We are the GATHER Girls! 

We like to think of ourselves as event architects, helping you build your event piece by piece. Planning, designing and producing authentic weddings and events throughout Southern California and beyond.


Mastin Labs True Film Emulation. Perfected.
We provide the most accurate and easy to use film emulation presets on the market, hands down.


Photofocus is one of the very first photography blogs on the web and is home to the #1 Downloaded Photography Podcast on iTunes. With over 400,000 monthly downloads, the show has featured the industry’s most unique and top talents.


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